Happy Thanksgiving! Let’s give thanks to those closest to our heart ;)


This Thanksgiving, let’s take a moment to recognise the efforts of our bosom buddies!

Top 3 reasons why your bra deserves some gratitude:

  1. Helps you drop a dress size in a matter of just a few minutes!  

Oh yes, it’s true! A snug fitting bra that gives you great support and coverage makes you look slimmer and transforms your appearance. Avoiding back bulges and overflowing cups, a perfect fitting bra gives you a smooth, natural silhouette.


We bet you didn’t know that!

  1. Your bosom buddy can help avoid a trip to the doctor’s!

Wearing a wrong bra can be the reason behind severe backaches and shoulder pain. A bra that’s too loose can shift the weight of your chest onto your back while a bra that’s too tight creates tension in the back, which could cause these aches and pains. That’s why we insist that a perfect fitting bra is an investment.




  1. Makes sure you stand tall, with your head held high!

No seriously – a great bra can helps improve posture and avoid slouching.The right bra makes you stand tall and gives you support, so the lower back is not pressured. A not-so-great bra on the other hand doesn’t give you enough support, makes you lean forward, making you slouch, which will in turn cause lower back pain.



Quite impressive, isn’t it?

So, are you thankful to your existing bras or do you feel the need to revamp your bra wardrobe? If revamp is your answer, we sure can help.

Your perfect fit awaits!


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