Embrace the lace!



There’s a reason why lace lingerie is an absolute must in every woman’s drawer. Apart from it looking stunning, lace as a material works so well with lingerie because it’s both strong and compliments lingerie by way of being flexible and therefore better at working with your natural shape.

What most people don’t know is that lace provides support and lift when used in bras. Most lace today contain between 1 and 20% lace, and upto 50% elastane, giving it ample stretch and the ability to hug your body perfectly. Also, because of the design and the mesh of the material, it breathes naturally. The other big advantage being that lace lingerie dries much quicker than the other fabrics. This, ofcourse makes it the perfect travelling companion. While many of us are under the impression that lace lingerie may not be suitable for daily use, it’s quite the opposite – they’re both beautiful and comfortable. That said, make sure the lace used in your lingerie is of high quality and always ensure that lace bottoms have a cotton gusset for hygiene purposes.

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