Eliminate lingerie peekaboos!



We all have those moments of weakness when we go for the top that looks” oh so pretty”, in spite of its imperfections. And imperfections they are – the gaping mouth like gap between the buttons or the awkward puffiness right above your chest, once you wear it. For those of you who aren’t aware of this little roll of magic, here’s introducing Sticky – The Buttercups magic tape that promises to solve your peekaboo woes. This little perfectionist was made to do away with those very imperfections. No more prying eyes and gaping mouths – Literally!

This double sided Buttercups Sticky Tape is completely safe to use on your skin, a quick patch test on the inside of your wrist is recommended. Suitable for any type of clothing, the Sticky can be used to close gaps, hide peeking straps or hold low necklines in place, making it a wardrobe essential.

How do you use this little magic tape? It’s as simple as it comes – Tear as much as needed, paste on your clothing or clean skin, pull off the white cover and stick on to the other side/piece of clothing. And, voila – no more looky peeky! Yes, it’s as simple as that, but makes a world of difference to your outfits.

Check out Sticky, our star performer!



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