Do’s and Don’ts when picking out underwear!

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While your underwear collection should include some beautiful lace and practical cottons, do keep these points in mind when you pick your underwear:

Cotton Gusset: The CARDINAL RULE in buying underwear – Check for a cotton gusset. It doesn’t matter what material your underwear is made of, but the gusset MUST be cotton, as it is in constant touch with the most intimate and sensitive part of our anatomy and needs breathable, comfortable fabric, to keep the area infection free.

The Right Size: We allow ourselves to fit into that M, when we know, the L is going to be more comfortable, or we have faith that we will lose that extra hip fat and start fitting into the M soon. But, what we don’t know is that buying a size smaller in underwear can cause not only that ugly VPL, but also give you bulges that become prominent in figure hugging clothing. Added to that, tight fitting underwear can cause itching and scarring on the top portion of your inner thighs as it digs into the very delicate skin in those parts. So, please pick a comfortable size and yes, if you do lose that weight, well… revamp the underwear wardrobe. It costs less than a night out with the girls! 😉

No VPL: Visible Panty Lines are the most ugly wardrobe malfunctions. Ensure that you wear underwear that does not give you a VPL with your skirts, dresses and pants. You could pick any of the below, to avoid this wardrobe faux pas.

Seamless – The best option if you love (like me) the comfort and feel of a full underwear.

Thongs – If thongs are your thing, have a few to wear under your bottom hugging clothing to avoid those ugly panty lines.

Shorty – A shorty is a boy short style underwear, which doesn’t have lines on the hip cut, but goes all the way down your hip side like a ultra mini skirt. Best worn with skirts and dresses to avoid the dreaded VPL.

No white under white: White under white shines out. Never wear white underwear under white clothing, as it shows up nice and bright. Try wearing nudes or dark coloured underwear instead.

High cuts and comfort cuts: Again, a matter of preference. If you like the “long leg” look, opt for high or “bikini” cut underwear, but, if you like the full covered look, opt for comfort or “brief” cuts.

Go ahead, add a few of the above essentials to you “bottom” drawer (pun intended), right away.


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