Don’t let your underwear overwhelm you!

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Underwear shopping can go wrong for many of us – we speak from experience 😉 Hence, as a gift to you ladies, we are dedicating this post to put an end to the underwear faux pas and to just get the basic rules of underwear shopping right.Rule #1 – Make sure the “gusset” (crotch area) of the bottoms are cotton. No matter how gorgeous those bottoms look, please do not buy them unless you’re absolutely sure the gusset is cotton. Cotton is comfortable and allows the skin to breathe which in turn prevents infections.

Rule #2 – Accept your size – it does you way more good than you can imagine. Pretending to be a size smaller and buying an M instead of an L will honestly do you no good. From cutting into your skin and cutting off circulation to giving you those ugly red marks and bumps near the bikini line – IT’S NOT WORTH IT! Oh, and they give you the dreaded VPL as well, ladies.

Rule #3 – All underwear drawers MUST HAVE the staple seamless quotient. Seamless bottoms are an absolute must – they’re life savers. Our advice is to have neutral colours like brown, nude, navy blue or other pastel shades which are perfectly invisible under light coloured clothing as well.

Rule #4 – No white under white. We will shout out from the rooftops if we have to. Please do not make this mistake, darlings. White underwear under light coloured clothing is pretty much like a shining beacon. Contrary to popular beliefs, dark colours or skin colour are the best options for light coloured clothing.


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