Do more with (strap)less. The perfect bra for the wedding season!



There’s really no celebration like an Indian wedding! Let’s take a moment to appreciate the fun and stress of the wedding season. Invitations have arrived in droves, the tailor is on speed dial and late night phone calls with girlfriends to pour over outfit and accessory combinations are in full swing. And if your best friend or that beloved cousin is getting married, I’m sure you are dealing with ethnic dilemmas of the highest order.

Here’s my little secret to the scoring the perfect look at each and every wedding festivity there is: THE RIGHT LINGERIE. Specifically, a great fitting strapless bra. C’mon, we have all been there. While wearing those deep/tie back, oomph inducing blouses or kurtas, we’ve tucked the bra straps back in repeatedly while worrying how many pictures the darn straps are going to show up in! Well, you finally have a solution. The Magik. And it’s available in up to F cups.

I especially designed the Buttercups Magik, my revolutionary strapless bra to perfectly compliment Indian ethnic wear of all shapes and sizes. A beautiful single mold, seamless bra,with NO BACK, so you can go as low on the blouse backs, with super strong adhesive on the sides and cups to keep it in place even without the back, ensures that no matter how daring your dance moves are, you stay perfectly covered all night long. Even if you are showing a hint of cleavage, Magik will keep your shape perfectly flawless!

And it’s a great investment too, since it IS reusable up to 40 times, given how many occasions there will be to put it to good use!

Go on, flaunt your ethnic drop dead gorgeous style as tis the season to go strapless. Pick between nude or black shades, both chosen by me for super no-show style!

Get your ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE, Buttercups Magik Strapless Bra today.


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