Deconstructing your bra – step by step!

bc-infographic-bra-anatomy-1There’s more to your bra than meets the eye. It’s made up of more than 10 parts. Bet you didn’t know that! No problem. Here’s the lowdown on your bra and how it supports you through the day:

  1. APEX: The joint between the straps and the body of the bra.
  1. STRAP: The straps just connect the front of the bra to the back. They provide NO support, contrary to popular opinion. The straps should carry no more than 10% of the breast’s weight or they will dig into your shoulders. Not the annoyance you need on a busy day! Shop for bra that will NEVER leave a mark!
  1. ADJUSTER: The little adjustable clip helps you adjust the straps so that they are neither too tight nor too loose.
  1. HOOK & EYE: When buying a bra, hook your bra in the last hook and check that there is space to fit two fingers underneath the bra band comfortably.
  1. CUP: The cups are made of 2 or 3 parts. Make sure that the cups give you full coverage and breast tissue is not spilling out in the front or at the sides. That can cause a world of discomfort & give you a strange silhouette. Check out our bra range that always gives you the coverage you need.
  1. CENTRE: A truly important part of a bra. This should always sit flat on your body. If it doesn’t, that means you need smaller band size or larger cup size. Consider it a pro-tip!
  1. CRADLE: A good lingerie brand will construct the cradle a little higher to keep the breast tissue on the sides from spilling out. Do see that these sit flat on your body as well. Remember, you need support all around ladies. Shop our range of bras that provide just the right all around support.
  1. SLING: The special layer inside the cup that gives extra support. At Buttercups we use high grade mesh, to give you extra support for a comfortable fit, all day long.
  1. WING: AKA the back of the bra. These should sit flat on your back, without digging in (too tight) or wrinkling (too loose). No one enjoys reaching around and fiddling with them all day!
  1. UNDER BAND/BOTTOM BAND: This may be wired or non-wired. Wired bras give great support and are recommended for all cup sizes above C. The underband is what provides you real support in your bra. We don’t constantly obsess over our underband sizes for nothing! The freedom to choose a band size from 28 to 44 is now yours.



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