Continuing our efforts to get you the perfect bra wardrobe!


And, we’re back with Part 2, just as promised 🙂 To continue where we left off, here’s to making sure 2017 begins with the right bra wardrobe. While we talked of Tshirt, demi and strapless bras in our previous post, we’ll be focusing on the next 3 must haves, in this one 🙂  Lace bras: Apart from the obvious “feel good” factor, lace bras provide endless comfort and are a perfect  addition to your bra wardrobe. Demi, 3/4th or full cup, lace bras don’t just make you look good but also feel good! Have a look at our gorgeous lace collection 🙂

Convertible or Multiway Bras: your best bet for those strappy dresses, halter tops and even that gorgeous 1 shouldered dress that you have. Great support and its versatile style, makes Flexi, our three way convertible bra, a must have in your wardrobe.

Everyday bras: These should be either soft or moulded, underwired bras as they provide the much needed support all day long. To make sure you’re wearing a perfect fitting bra, go through our video tutorial 🙂 3 to 4 well fitting, good quality bras for daily wear is what makes the foundation of your wardrobe a mighty strong one! Try Divine, our answer to the everyday bra.

Let’s raise a toast to 2017 – may this year be a perfect fitting one 🙂


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