Celebrate the Goddess in you this Navaratri with Buttercups!


screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-22-31-43Raise your hand if you’ve had the unfortunate experience of:

1) Worrying about stray straps all night long.

2) Steering clear of the dance floor due to low necklines and peeking gaps.

3) Being conscious of those nipples from showing through your form-fitting outfits.

Well, you can now lower your arms and get ready to click your way to the solutions!

Presenting Buttercups Magik, Sticky and Petals.

Buttercups Magik helps you dazzle the crowd with your backless cholis. Made from a single mould, this is a stick-on, backless, strapless and seamless bra that promises to stay put as you dance all night.

The Buttercups Sticky is an extremely thin, fabric friendly tape that holds your clothes in place. A tiny strip is all you need to take care of those peeking gaps and straps, and to keep those low necklines decent.

Finally, Buttercups Petals  pretty much grants your nipples complete invisibility as you go bra free, or wear lace bras under figure-hugging outfits.

So this Navratri, whether you plan going all-out-opulent with your lehenga, or staying casual chic with a kurta, Buttercups ensures you remain in the spotlight for all the right reasons.

Now, raise your hands again, only to celebrate!


4 thoughts on “Celebrate the Goddess in you this Navaratri with Buttercups!

  1. Need your advice on what to wear for a saree, specially referring to deep blouses where you don’t want the bra strap to be seen..

    1. Our Strapless bras are perfect for saree blouses as the do not have a back band, so you can go as deep with your blouse backs as you wish, while getting the support of a bra. Shop the Strapless here.

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