Show your curves some love on this special  day!


As the saying goes, “Loving yourself is the greatest revolution.” And we couldn’t possibly stress on this enough, especially on this glorious day of love. Show yourselves some love, ladies!

While the world is going on and on about what you need to do for your significant other, we think this day can also be spent pampering yourselves to a perfect fit 🙂 Safe to say, we think we’ve got your perfect match waiting for you 😉 This Valentine’s, do something different – fall in love with yourself. Come discover how easy it is to fall in love with your body, by just wearing the right bra. (more…)

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A perfect fit coming right up!

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“Loving yourself isn’t vanity. It is sanity” – Andre Gide

And with that, lets start off this gorgeous new year by pampering ourselves to a perfect fit. With resolutions being thrown like confetti in the air, let’s stick to a simple, easily achievable one, shall we? Let’s make one to embrace our bodies and give ourselves that dose of confidence that adds a spring to our step. How, you ask? Well, a great fitting bra is just the perfect way to start. (more…)

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This New Year, make sure you’ve got your Bra Wardrobe Essentials right!

It’s that time of the year again – time to gear up for the new year, by making sure the foundation of our wardrobes (aka bras) is rock solid!


Here are the absolute must haves in your bra wardrobe:

TShirt bras come with a smooth finish and moulded style for better shape, great coverage and the much needed “invisible” look for clingy/thin fabric. Check out Celest and Ada.

Demi bras – These are low cut, medium coverage bras for wearing under those stylish dresses or blouses that show off cleavage without the hassle of constantly adjusting yourself.  You should own at least one or two of these bras for those dressy days or evenings. Say hello to Thea, our demi goddess 🙂

Strapless bras – A strapless bra is an absolute god send! And, if there’s one thing we’re sure about, it’s that strapless bras are leagues ahead of “invisible” transparent straps, a major faux pas! Magik is designed to give you the best strapless support there is.

Watch this space for Part 2 of the Bra Wardrobe Essentials. It’ll be worth the wait, we promise 🙂

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