Buy lingerie that you’ll wear, not store!




Ever bought lingerie that looks oh so pretty, but is uncomfortable as hell? Guilty as charged 😛 We’ve all been there done that. Here are a few tips that helps you do some intelligent lingerie shopping:

The lingerie you buy should suit your wardrobe – Knowing your personal style is the first and most important step. Do you wear a lot of t shirts/ clothes made of thin fabric that clings or do you like loose clothes? Lots of strappy outfits or the simpler stuff? These are the questions that help you buy the right kind of lingerie & is one way of making sure that your lingerie doesn’t end up sitting pretty in that drawer.

Get a fitting done – As always, my advice is to get periodically fitted (once in 6 months) to make sure you know your perfect bra size. This can eliminate most or all of the bra problems you face. When you have that perfect bra, you’ll most definitely think twice before banishing it into the depths of your wardrobe 🙂

Make note of your measurements before you buy a new bra – With every brand having their own sizing chart, knowing your existing size won’t help. Know your measurements and check them with the sizing chart or ask the salesperson to help you find one according to your measurements. You may be a 32B in your current lingerie brand but end up being a 30D in another brand.

There’s nothing wrong with buying the same bra/bottom in multiples – If it fits you great, then go for it. If you love the way a particular bra fits, buy 2-3 of the same style in different colours. But, don’t forget to make your lingerie drawer more interesting, look for different colours/patterns 🙂

Look at lingerie as an investment – , Do not buy lingerie based on its price! It is the foundation of your wardrobe after all! Buying lingerie because it’s cheap or even buying it simply because it’s expensive defeats the very purpose of it. Look for value. If the lingerie fits great, makes you feel good and adds value to your wardrobe – then go for it.

Here’s to hoping that these tips will reduce the bundle of unused lingerie in your wardrobes.



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