Bride or bridesmaid – Bare essentials for the wedding season!



Its that time of the year again – the wedding season is here and so are all the lovely outfits that are strappy, backless, off shoulder, deep neck, deep back – the list goes on. Wedding shopping is always fun isn’t it? That said, we do tend to forget the bare essentials, don’t we? That’s precisely what this post is going to address 🙂4 must have items in your lingerie drawer:

  1. Magik – A stick on bra is an absolute must. We don’t want our bosom buddies(aka bras) to steal our thunder, ladies. No one wants a glimpse of our bra underneath that beautiful outfit that we’ve planned for ages. A good quality strapless, backless stick on bra saves us the embarrassment and gives us the much needed support without turning into a belt towards the end of the day 😉 Magik works like a charm under cholis and blouses so add that to your wardrobe right away!
  2. Petals – Pasties are a basic requirement for all those outfits that mandate going bra-less. All you have to do is stick ‘em on and move on!
  3. Sticky – Double sided tape that is skin and fabric friendly. Try Sticky, our magic tape that ensures no looky peeky when you’re having the time of your life. This tape is the best bet to keep those slippery straps hidden and the deep necklines in place.
  4. Lowdown – The bra extender a godsend. What does a bra extender do? This little contraption converts your regular bra back to an all time low which allows you to wear your regular bras with all your deep back stunners.



2 thoughts on “Bride or bridesmaid – Bare essentials for the wedding season!

  1. Dear Arpita
    Want to order a bra from your site but even after taking the quiz I am still not able to have the right kind of bra for myself as little confused about the size. How can I have the right kind of bra for myself? Pls advice.

    1. Hi Pratibha,

      Please call us on +91-8067414822 OR +91-8041288622 and one of our fit specialists can take you through the quiz once more and answer your questions. If you’re resident of Bangalore, I’d suggest you come in for a fitting. To book an appointment, please click on

      Have a lovely day!

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