Bras have personalities too!


To me bras have always been more than just bras. I see personalities in each bra that I design, and picture a certain type of woman wearing each bra. As I think of the bra design, an image of a woman who would wear it, always comes to mind. I hope you see yourself in one of the personas that I associate with my Buttercups bras, in this unusual personality series. I think I’ll start the series with the one I associate most with. Read away… – Arpita



Let the arch of your feet be the mountains.

Let the paths of your fingertips be your maps

-Ursula Le Guin

I love the glint of sunlight on asphalt. Earth drenched in summer rain. Wide, open roads unravelling on my rearview mirror, as I chase the scent of adventure. Not someone’s version of an adventure. Not the one the world expects me to have. But my own true quest. The exploration of my own joy.

I am often called independent. Sometimes, it is bestowed as a compliment, laced with awe. Sometimes, it is a chastisement, uttered in exasperation. But being independent is neither my superpower nor my weakness. Independence is the song in my heart. The Bossa Nova drum beat that gives me my rhythm, my groove. My independence is not meant to scare, intimidate or exclude you. It is an agile tango between me and the world. A dance of wild courage that goads me to imagine, build and transform, nothing short of reality itself.

But don’t turn me into a queen, an Amazon, a goddess on a pedestal. I am real. Furrowed. Like the bark of a tree. Rooted. Like the ground beneath my feet. Don’t box me in, either. Just as leaves stir restlessly in the wind, my itchy feet compel me to follow the tantalising crackle of freedom in the air.

It’s the not the escapism of freedom that I crave. Nor the fleeting adrenaline surge of some passing thrill. Freedom is my brazen walk into the unknown. The journey into myself.  It is the hard-won choice to own and walk my truth. To create beauty and balance. Fashion my victories, endings and beginnings. Make my mistakes.

No, I don’t have it all figured out. Mapped out like a to-do list or an itinerary. I have learnt to get comfortable with being an eternal traveller. My search is not for fairytale endings. My big, ever unfolding love affair is the one I have with the world: its experiences, surprises, pathways, stories, people and places. The happily ever after I chase is the distant horizon that constantly shifts and beckons, like the haunting call of the muezzin. Promising a new adventure round the corner. A blank sheet where I get to start afresh, again and again.



3 thoughts on “Bras have personalities too!

  1. This blog right here… Fits perfectly in my own version of -” My big, ever unfolding love affair is the one I have with the world: its experiences, surprises, pathways, stories, people and places.” I could make this my life’s story and yet, noone will get it except perhaps the writer here! Can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

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