Bra sizes. As easy as A, B, C? Think again!


screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-22-10-33You’ve been buying bras forever. But have you ever really paused to figure out what all those number and alphabet combinations really stand for? For example, if a woman wears a 40 bra size, does that mean she is well endowed or just broad built? Correct Answer: broad built! Now if she had a cup size of F, it would be a different story. Let’s talk about what a bra size really means.

The band is the part of the bra that goes under and around your cleavage while the cups hold your breasts. Okay, that’s the easy part, we know. Here’s what the band number and cup size mean:

THE BAND SIZE is a Number.

Band sizes vary mostly from 28 to 48. Although, some women fall under or even over these sizes, most of us fall in the spectrum between these. Though size 28 and 40+ are rarely available with most popular brands, at Buttercups, we currently offer sizes from 28-44, which is a lot more than most brands offer. Check out our collection.

How to Measure your Band size:

The band size is measured by holding a measuring tape below your chest, around your rib cage. Hold it firmly but don’t squeeze or you will end up with a band size too tight. Ensure the back of the tape is parallel to the floor and not rising up or falling low.

THE CUP SIZE is an Alphabet.

Cup sizes begin from A and go upto Q (yes, that’s what cup sizes go up to!) Only specialty brands carry sizes from FF to Q. At Buttercups we offer A-G cup sizes currently, again a lot more than most other brands offer. Take a look at our collection.

How to Measure your Cup Size:

Cup size is measured by gently holding the tape around the largest part of your chest. Again, don’t hold too tight or you might get the cup size wrong.

How Band Size relates to Cup Size:

A combination of the number and alphabet determines your bra size. In fact, to know your cup size, it’s important to take the band size into consideration. For example, a 34B and a 32B bra will have different cup sizes BUT a 34B and a 32C bra may have similar cup sizes despite different band sizes, depending on the brand.

It’s important to note that, most brands have different sizing charts. Next time you go bra shopping, figure out your bra size according to the brand you are buying, before you buy. We don’t promise this will result in your perfect fit but it’s still a good starting point in your search for the right sized bra!

At Buttercups, we have made it really easy for you to find your right bra size. All you need is a measuring tape and 5 minutes to take our online quiz. Now that you know what bra sizes really stand for, get started on discovering your right one right now with us! Get a measuring tape and take our quiz.



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