Beautiful lingerie for a beautiful you!



BYou being our philosophy, Buttercups lingerie is aimed at making you feeling comfortable in your body, no matter what size or shape you are. While many may believe that lingerie = sexy, we at Buttercups believe lingerie = comfort and confidence and thus, the word “sexy” is not part of our selling proposition. Don’t get me wrong, because while we believe in comfort, we also believe in beautiful bras (not just “sexy” ones), and each one of our bra styles is focused on not only being comfortable, but also beautiful. Our aim is to make all you gorgeous women out there own lingerie that fits like second skin. If you feel beautiful, you sure will look beautiful! 

As a brand, we are more inclined to be “sensuous”, as opposed to “sexy”, where we empower women to feel good about themselves, rather than objectify them. We firmly believe that happiness isn’t size specific and to stand by that, we go all out in making sure all our customers get their dose of happiness along with their perfect fit 🙂

So yes, if you are looking for sensuous, beautiful yet comfortable lingerie, you sure are in the right place.

Your perfect fit awaits!


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