Baring it all! The best bra confessions of all time.



We’ve decided to crack you up with these hilarious, awkward, crazy and plain shocking confessions. Here are the top 5 confessions we’ve rounded up for you 🙂 Here’s to a good dose of laughter!

  1. Yes, I know it’s expected of the aunties of the family, but I (I’m 26 years old) think it’s extremely convenient to stuff a lipstick and/or a phone in your bra. That way, I don’t have to carry a bag when I go clubbing 🙂
  2. I tried for years before I could master the art of hooking my bra at the back. I was one of the many women who’d hook it at the front and turn it around.
  3. My bra strap came undone during a job interview. To top it off, I realised only once I’d left the room and was mortified to see it popping out of my shirt. Hats off to the interviewer for maintaining his stone cold expression throughout.
  4. I wore a white bra underneath a black top which I thought was perfectly fine. Oh, and this was for a wedding in the family. Little did I know the family and extended family were to get a lovely view of my white bra outlined under the harsh light of the cameras. That was the last time I wore a white bra, period.
  5. I accidentally flashed my cab driver. I was rushing to a friends wedding right after work, and the only option I had was to discreetly change in the car. Well, I had to change out of my t-shirt bra and wear my strapless bra under that daring sari blouse I had to change into, didn’t I? In the process of changing behind the driver’s seat, my driver stole a quick glance through his rear view mirror, only to find me struggling with my bra. Lesson learnt – no more changing of bras in cabs!

While these confessions are fun to read, it may not be as fun if you’re the one experiencing it 😉 Put an end to all your brablems. Get a bra fitting done or take our quiz to find your perfect fitting bra 🙂


2 thoughts on “Baring it all! The best bra confessions of all time.

    1. I’d suggest you start hooking it at the back Vaishali. Turning your bra around after hooking it makes it lose its elastcity and shape and also doesn’t quite give you the perfect fit. All it takes is a bit of practise and I’m sure you’ll see and feel the difference 🙂

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