Banish the panty lines!

Uh oh! Yet another faux pas caused by your not so loyal underwear? Let’s put to rest the panty woes aka fashion blunders, please!



Here’s a quick 3 pointer on underwear do’s and don’ts: 

  1. Bid farewell to VPL – A visible panty line has to be the biggest underwear faux paus for any woman. One that can turn a gorgeous outfit to an absolute fashion nightmare. Let’s get you your seamless bottoms right away and help flaunt those figure hugging outfits in style.
  2. Cotton Gusset: The CARDINAL RULE in buying underwear – Check for a cotton gusset. It doesn’t matter what material your underwear is made of, but the gusset MUST be cotton, as it is in constant touch with the most intimate and sensitive part of our anatomy and needs breathable, comfortable fabric, to keep the area infection free.
  3. The Right Size: We’ve said this when it comes to bras and we’ll say it again when it comes to bottoms – DO NOT try to squeeze into a smaller size. A size smaller in bottoms can not only cause an ugly VPL and add unsightly bulges, but can also cause itching and scarring on the top portion of your inner thighs. Need we say more?

So, looks like it’s time to revamp your underwear drawer! No ifs and buts!


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