Bras have personalities too!


To me bras have always been more than just bras. I see personalities in each bra that I design, and picture a certain type of woman wearing each bra. As I think of the bra design, an image of a woman who would wear it, always comes to mind. I hope you see yourself in one of the personas that I associate with my Buttercups bras, in this unusual personality series. I think I’ll start the series with the one I associate most with. Read away… – Arpita (more…)

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Modern Fairy tale

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-22-35-44The contemporary version of a classic Western fairy tale would go like this:

The urban princess met the man of her dreams (who was, thankfully, emotionally available and financially stable), got the job of her dreams (for now), at the money she asked for. And they lived…drum roll please…happily ever after in a wonderful apartment (with a low EMI and a swanky bar) along with their cat Olga, who was happy for ever after too, with the surplus of mice in the neighbourhood. (more…)

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