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“Loving yourself isn’t vanity. It is sanity” – Andre Gide

And with that, lets start off this gorgeous new year by pampering ourselves to a perfect fit. With resolutions being thrown like confetti in the air, let’s stick to a simple, easily achievable one, shall we? Let’s make one to embrace our bodies and give ourselves that dose of confidence that adds a spring to our step. How you ask? Well, a great fitting bra is just the perfect way to start.

Ain’t no better way to begin 2018 than by making sure the foundation of our wardrobes (aka bras) is rock solid. And that begins by throwing out the old (and shapeless) and bringing in the new (and uplifting). Nope, that is not an excuse to shop your heart out and stuff your drawers with bras – a couple of perfect fitting ones are all you need to start with. Remember, quality over quantity darlings – always holds good!

Let’s go through a few life changing reasons as to why you REALLY need that perfect fitting bra:

–  Wearing the wrong bra size can alter the shape of your breasts

– Sagging of breasts occur not only due to old age or breast feeding but also due to an ill-fitting bra.

– A bra that’s too tight can cause breathing problems as they may add extra stress on your back, neck and spine.

Last but certainly not the least (it’s in fact the most compelling reason), a perfect fitting bra can help you drop a dress size. Yes, you heard that right. You don’t need no yoga or pilates, all you need is a Buttercups bra 😀 (not that yoga or pilates isn’t great).

So cheers to 2018 and here’s to a year filled with confidence, love and acceptance.

Be unique, be you!

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Bra sizes. As easy as A, B, C? Think again!


screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-22-10-33You’ve been buying bras forever. But have you ever really paused to figure out what all those number and alphabet combinations really stand for? For example, if a woman wears a 40 bra size, does that mean she is well endowed or just broad built? Correct Answer: broad built! Now if she had a cup size of F, it would be a different story. Let’s talk about what a bra size really means.


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This Diwali, match perfectly fitted lingerie to your glam festive outfits!


screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-22-18-20Amidst the rush of festive rituals, don’t forget to perfect your look!
Here are four lingerie solutions by Buttercups, which help you ensure just that!

  1. Magik: Flaunt those gorgeous blouses without having to worry about peeking straps. Buttercups Magik is backless and strapless, and comes with a strong hypoallergenic adhesive that sticks on, all night long!


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Your bra has its consequences!

Here’s why you need a serious bra makeover:
1) Posture: You could practice balancing a book on your forehead, all day long. But your posture essentially depends on your bra. The wrong bra size could make you slouch, rather than help you stand and sit up tall.

2) Pain: Wearing an ill-fitted bra is a pain! Literally! If you are wearing a band size too loose, you tighten your straps to feel support, so much so that it adds pressure on your shoulders OR you wear a band size so tight, it collects all the strain and sends it back up you neck. Both ways, this causes severe back, neck and shoulder pain. (more…)

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