Are you wearing out your inner wear?


screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-22-16-47Your bra doesn’t look like a t-shirt, so why should it be washed like one?! Washing a bra with harsh detergents and wringing it ruins the delicate material and the shape of your bra.
Here’s how you should wash your bra, to elongate its shelf life and keep it working for you.

Washing Your Bra:

  • Hand wash your bra with a delicate detergent, and rinse it in cold water.
  • Don’t squeeze, invert or distort the bra cups. By doing so, you’ll only ruin the shape of the bra, making it give you an uneven look when worn.
  • Never wring your bra to squeeze out excess water.  Place your fist under the cup and gently press down to remove the excess water.
  • If you absolutely need to use a washing machine, use a lingerie wash bag. Fasten the bra hook, put the bra in the wash bag, and gentle wash it. Make sure to not turn the tumble cycle on, else it will ruin your bra.

Dry Your Bra:

  • It’s always important to drip-dry your bra by hanging it from the centre of the cups, to let the water drip evenly. Or Flat dry your bras on an even surface.

Storing Your Bra:

  • Do NOT invert your molded bra cups. Ever!
  • The best way to store your bra is to stack the molded cups, one behind the other, or one above the other. This is to ensure the bra cups retain their shape at all times.
  • To store your non-moulded bras, fold them at the center and stack them one above the other.

It’s time to care for your lingerie better! Start by getting yourself the Buttercups Wash Me, a bag that safeguards your lingerie against any wear and tear, in the washing machine.  Next, use these essential tips and tricks, and keep your lingerie looking as gorgeous as ever!


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