Are you sure you’re wearing the right bra size?


screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-22-22-42No, you didn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Wearing the wrong bra size is quite likely the reason for your  daily discomfort.
Here are six signs that help decipher whether or not you’ve got the wrong bra size on:

The Band

1) If the band rides up your back, instead of staying snug on the centre, you’re wearing a size too loose. This leads to reduced breast support, which eventually causes sagging. Get a lower band  size to  eliminate this problem.


2) If your back spills out from the band, you’re wearing a bra with a band that’s a little too tight. Get a higher band size. A tight bra band usually causes back pain. And also creates an unappealing silhouette.

The Cups


3) If you find extra space between your breasts and the cups, get a smaller cup size. Large bra cups which do not fit you, are uncomfortable and  give you a bad silhouette.


4) If you experience spillage from the sides of your bra, or at the top, get a bigger cup size. Extra tight cups are known to cause breast pain, in addition to creating quad boob effect(appears like you have 4 boobs)

The Gore
5) When the center of your bra moves up over your breasts, it’s important to wear a tighter bra – get a lower band size. A loose gore riding up leads to reduced support and extreme discomfort.

6) If the gore digs into your chest, causing red marks, get a bigger cup size. A tight gore exerts extra pressure on your rib rage, and causes respiratory problems.

Now, the bad news is that you might be a victim of the wrong bra size epidemic.

But the good news is… you can resolve this issue, right here, right now!

Take the Buttercups Quiz to find the solution to all your bra problems. Learn your perfect Buttercups size, and get your perfect fit recommendation from the bra expert!

Your body will thank you for it!



4 thoughts on “Are you sure you’re wearing the right bra size?

  1. what if the back band rides up your back but also cuts into your back leaving the indentation? because one would suggest getting a smaller band size but while in the correct position it would suggest a bigger band size. ALSO what if there is a small gap between top of breast and bra cup but also slight side boob spillage? they should have sort of calculator for after you have kids and breastfeed because things just arent as full (in the right places) as they should be anymore.

    1. Hi Kikono,

      Our fit specialists will most definitely be able to answer your questions 🙂 If you’re a resident of Bangalore, I’d suggest you come in for a fitting. if not, please call us on +91-8067414822 OR +91-8041288622 (between 10am-6pm) to get in touch with one of our fit specialists.

      Have a great day!

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