Are molded bras suitable for bigger cup sizes?


Molded bras are suitable for All cup sizes. Let me end the myth that molded bras add volume to your cup size – They Do NOT!

In fact, they make you look much more “fitted” as the molds are even on the outside and give you a very nice, even shape.

But the sad truth is that, as they are quite difficult to make, keeping in mind the development of a perfect mold and the cost involved, we rarely find them in above D or E cups.

In case you do find brands that do have Molded cups, be sure to try them, as a lot of thought and money would have gone into bringing them to you.

Else, the best option then is to invest in seamed, soft cup bras, where the seams give an uplift and shape, not to mention comfort.

So don’t lose heart and don’t stop looking.


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