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Shorty, bikini, full cover or hipster, no matter what your favorite bottom is, you’ve probably experienced moments of “Why is my underwear being a pain today?!” Every woman has faced similar issues with her underwear and I want to share a few easy fixes so that every day is a good underwear day!

I can say this with confidence and I’m sure most of you will agree too – the panty line is the worst offender of all the other undercover issues we face. There you are, in your newest curve hugging pants and as you twirl in the mirror, you see the dreaded two lines framing your bottom for all the world to see.

There’s an easy fix. Switch to seamless bottoms that are made with a thin lightweight fabric and comfortably disappear under most fabrics. Pick a high cut bikini or a shorty style for maximum invisibility. Try the Slim series. This bikini style is 100% invisible and made with the softest microfiber. The Slim promises you the satisfaction of never having to see another panty line again!

Hate it when your bottoms ride up and bunch up in places where they really shouldn’t? Awkward! A simple solution is to opt for a  more comfortable fit or a style that offers better coverage. Going up a size can help too! For example, boyshorts usually offer better coverage than say the thong. Try Cover in our seamless range for a daily practical fit or the Nora, which is designed to be comfortable, yet sensuous, with it’s lace front and the peek-a-boo loop on the back. Ride ups and bunching, goodbye!

Are your bottoms leaving bumps and marks on your skin? This stems from a poorly constructed waistband that is too tight on your curves and causes itching and redness. Switch to a smoother fabric that is more skin friendly like the microfiber used for our range of bottoms, and give the old school elastic waistband a miss. Try the Diva, that makes you feel like one. This smooth lace shorty has a comfort waistband that leaves no marks.

Next on my list of underwear offensives is peekaboo bottom wear. These are panties that love the spotlight and show up when you get up or bend down at the most inconvenient of moments! It’s high time your bottoms stay where they belong. Do this by coordinating your choice of pants or skirts with the right type of bottoms. Low rise jeans or pants should only be worn with low rise underwear that is made with a low cut waistband to ensure no show.  

I urge you to give our Buttercups bottoms a try. We have a variety of styles ranging from lacy to full cover and all the fits are designed to flatter the Indian female body. We only use the finest microfiber in a choice of smart, practical colours that don’t show under your clothes and are always invisible no matter what you wear!



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