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Women often ask me about how to pick the right bra or the most comfortable pair of bottoms for their body type. While I love helping you find just the right fit, there is one other arsenal in your closet that you probably haven’t used to your advantage yet. That’s Buttercups Shapewear.

I have designed two distinct styles for the Indian female silhouette in my shapewear range – Smooth and Sculpt. In a nutshell, both these products banish those love handles, tummy bulge and saddlebags. Yes, all of the above! And here’s even better news. Sculpt and Smooth can reduce your figure by upto 5 inches! It’s time to rock that clingy little dress that you have been dying to don recently.

This shapewear is designed with a strong, slick fabric and can be worn under a range of outfits. I have also ensured that the bands and straps on them never let you down, from morning to night. A cotton gusset means complete hygiene as well.

A word of caution though. While shapewear can transform your figure for times when you want to look your absolute best, I don’t recommend that you wear it everyday. The fabric holds tight to your frame so daily wear can cause discomfort and unsightly marks. I suggest you wear it for no more than 8 hours at a stretch on any given day.

Let’s talk about care. Like all my products, Sculpt & Smooth are also designed with utmost care and the best quality materials. Wash the product gently by hand and never, ever wring it dry girls. It will lose its shape completely!

Try out my specially designed shapewear range and I promise you will be amazed at your slimmer, more confident figure. You are going to fall in love with yourself, all over again 🙂




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