About Us

Most bras disappoint deeply.
With a sigh and a prayer so many of us make do with what is available out there. When you discover your Buttercups bra fit, your whole world goes into a fashion frenzy with ambitious wardrobe possibilities you’d earlier shy away from imagining.


To give you the confidence and unbridled joy to ‘B You’.
When you find and experience a Buttercups Bra that fits right on your skin, that’s our mission accomplished right there!
For every woman to experience a well-fitting bra.


Arpita Ganesh

Arpita is passionate about helping women in India wear the ‘right-sized’ bras. Extra-passionate alternative: Arpita is on a mission to help women in India… To her credit, Arpita has launched ABTF (A Bra That Fits), India’s ONLY bra fitting application available on the iPhone and Android OS. A pioneer in the field of lingerie consultation, the insights and experience she has gained over the years have led her to develop her own label, Buttercups.

Rwituja Gomes Mookherjee
Rwituja has a deep understanding of the workings of the start-up entrepreneur ecosystem. She comes with extensive experience in the field. Apart from being an ardent life blogger, Rwituja managed the Young Creative Entrepreneur Programme for the British Council in India and in Sri Lanka as their Head of Creative Economy.

Lady Maggie
Maggie was to the manor born. Quiet, dignified and regal, nothing gets past her stiff upper whisker unless it’s a mosquito, a lazy cat or a bowl of freshly cut fruit. When she’s not chasing butterflies, she sullenly attends board meetings, preferring the corner seat for snoozing in between full stops.