A lifetime of joy. Yours, in 5 minutes!


After helping over 3000 women solve their bra woes, I present to you, the Buttercups Quiz. It’s time to say goodbye to stubborn loose straps, notorious traveling bands, and those ever so painful tight under-wires! All it takes is five minutes! You’re welcome!

A quiz like no other, it includes fifteen key questions designed to help me, help you!

At first, an algorithm, based on your current measurements across various lingerie brands, is used to determine your Buttercups size. With all the answers that follow, I’ll get a clear idea of your shape, how you wear your bra, your current bra fit and the problems accompanying it.

At the end of this 5 minute quiz, you’ll receive expert recommended, perfect fitting styles and your unique Buttercups size.

After all,every woman’s figure is special in its own way. Her bra fit should be too!

Sounds too good to be true? Find your perfect fit here, for a lifetime of comfort.


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