A bra fitting is an empowering experience!


We women spend hours browsing through store racks to find the dress that fits perfectly. We shop hop, we wait for the right size to hit the shelves again.As we all know, it’s hard to find a perfect bra, because as we all know, sizes vary by the brand. So once frustration point is reached, a woman might just stick to one brand without broadening her horizons to explore styles, shapes and designs. She may wear-out her current bras until the hook snaps. Or, she might just wear the wrong size. This is where a bra fitting fitting plays a crucial role in ending your bra woes.

So here’s what a bra fitting must really look like:

  1. The fitting expert must explain how YOU must measure your size.
  2. It’s essential that she explains how a bra must be worn correctly.
  3. If she doesn’t highlight the checkpoints of the right bra fit, demonstrating what to check for, consider it an incomplete fitting.
  4. Informing you on various styles that suit your chest type is crucial.
  5. Your fitter must explain to you, when trying a new bra, how you should figure to go up or down a cup or band size.
  6. Once you’ve found the perfect bra, she must explain how the bra should fit and make you feel.
  7. Finally, your fitter must also explain how to care for your bras. Any other dilemmas you’ve got regarding your bra need to be answered as well.

At Buttercups, I take time out to personally train each fitter over a month, to ensure she learns and implements all the above mentioned bra fitting techniques correctly.

Allow us to help find you the perfect bra at the Buttercups Fitting Room. (Indiranagar & Whitefield) And we promise you’ll feel on top of the world.


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