9 reasons to update your bra wardrobe!


Lingerie drawer overflowing with bras but ones that see the light of day are just a couple? Sounds quite familiar to most of us, I’m sure. We’ve got two words for you (okay, three) QUALITY not QUANTITY.

This season of joy, let’s make the bra wardrobe a joyous place once again. Time to replace your dead bras with some gorgeous, perfect fitting bras. And no, you don’t need to amass a collection – 5 to 6 good quality bras worn on rotation, is the ideal number of bras you need to own. These should last you anywhere between 6 – 8 months.

Here are 9 signs that let you know it’s time for your bra to retire:

  1. If the elasticity of the band is worn out to a point where it doesn’t bounce back.
  2. Bra band is riding up your back in spite of you wearing it on the last hook.
  3. Straps are constantly slipping even though they are tightened.
  4. Material is discoloured or stained.
  5. Molded cups have lost their shape.
  6. Hook/eye or both are broken or ripping off.
  7. The wires poke through or stick out.
  8. If you have gained or lost a considerable amount of weight.
  9. If your breasts are drooping – A sure shot sign that your bra needs to retire.

Now that you’re aware of the urgent need to update your bra wardrobe, we’ve got a little holiday surprise for you – buy one get one free on our bras (and other exciting offers) With our Christmas Sale, end the year by putting an end to your bra woes 🙂


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