4 Reasons why Buttercups is the perfect lingerie for you!


Illustration Week 01- 01We’ve all been through hell and back to find the perfect bra, without redemption in sight. But I believe that Buttercups will be the answer to your prayers. Here are 4 (of many!) reasons why.

The science – 3000 lifetimes of experience: Having worked with international and domestic lingerie brands, and having fitted, and helped over 3000 women to find the perfect bra, I’ve heard, and solved, every lingerie issue and then some! This heritage of expertise is what goes into creating perfect fitting lingerie for you.

Putting the science into art: I’ve used my research over the years to experiment with, and arrive at, the perfect bra for every size and style. Which is why, as you go up a cup size, your straps increase in size, and back bands go up for maximum effortless support. The soft cups have additional side panels to give great shape, and a side bone for some welcome extra support. Each bra style also has different moulded cups – we’re so done with sameness here!

The craft – Made from the finest materials, for the best experience: Each bra is made of the finest lace from France and Germany, with special moldable underwires so those closest to you don’t stab you in the heart, when you least expect it! Our special Power mesh on the band ensures that the band supports you to the maximum, ridding your poor straps of shouldering all responsibility and biting you back.

Specially selected colours to enhance the Indian skin tone: Buttercups has a range of colours that you don’t usually find. Besides the variety of skin shades, I’ve also chosen colours that while being “happy”, still remain neutral under your clothes, for every size and style. So you can enjoy wearing colours without worrying about it being visible.

Now all you have to do is find your Buttercups size and gift yourself a lingerie experience like never before!


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