Don’t spill over ladies! Here are some tips for all the busty women out there.

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Being a busty woman myself,  I completely get the pains of having a large chest. Especially when it comes to finding bras. It took me till I was 33, to find a great fitting bra, which finally made me comfortable with the size of my breasts and made me confident of my own body. Here are a few things to look for when trying to find a bra for us “busty” women. (more…)

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3, 4, 5 or more? What’s the right number of bras to pack while travelling?

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We’re all guilty of over packing while travelling at some point of time in our lives. Well, what can I say, except that it’s tough packing light. To make it easier for you, here is a post on what I think might be the right number of bras to pack while travelling. Yes, that’s definitely going to give you some extra space in your suitcase. Here are few factors you should consider: (more…)

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1 bra, 3 styles! Flexi is a dream come true!


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An all-day-comfort style, with a smooth and invisible look given by 2mm cups. The highlight of the Flexi is the flexibility of detachable straps which convert a halter, racer back and even a one side. A bra which gives great comfort and an uplifted yet natural silhouette. So, what are you waiting for? Get your one stop solution to all those dresses/tops with tricky straps. We’ve got you covered 🙂 Get your flexi right away. Happy shopping.

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Accessories that make you go from wow to WOW!

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From deep backs to plunging necklines or tricky straps, Buttercups accessories have got you covered. All set for a night out in town with the girls? Ready to wear that slinky black dress that’s been hiding in your wardrobe all along, and then it dawns upon you – What type of bra do i wear underneath? Or does it even require a bra? Yes, we’re all plagued with these questions when we want to show off those lovely outfits that remain hidden simply because we don’t have innerwear answers to them. Not to worry darlings, we’ve got just what you need. (more…)

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The bra mistakes have got to stop!


With more than 85% women wearing the wrong bra size, it’s safe to say that an ill fitting bra is one of the most common problems women face. Surprising as it may sound to many of you, most of the mistakes we make while shopping for a bra go unnoticed until and unless they’re pointed out. And, that’s precisely why we’re dedicating this post to identifying these mistakes and in turn help you put to an end to them. (more…)

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