Size does matter! Learn how to measure yourself the right way.

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I’m sure we all understand the importance of a perfect fitting bra by now. After all, it does have an impact on your posture, the way your clothes fit, and of course your confidence, amongst other things. That said, does everyone understand the importance of knowing how to measure yourself, to ensure you wear the right size bra? With multiple lingerie brands having their unique size charts, knowing how to measure your bra size is of utmost importance. And the best part is, it’s an extremely simple and easy process that requires nothing more than a mirror, your best fitting bra and a measuring tape. (more…)

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Lowdown – Your best bet for all those gorgeous deep back outfits!

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We’ve all got those stunning outfits that are designed to show off our lovely backs. From gorgeous blouses to sexy dresses, we have them waiting patiently in our wardrobes, hoping that someday they may see the light of day. Yes, we know exactly what you and your pretty clothes are thinking – what bra is to be worn underneath these outfits? Don’t you worry ladies, we’ve got just what you’re looking for. Try Lowdown – our bra extender that helps you carry off those lovely outfits with elan. (more…)

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